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My husband, Lloyd, and I had a life long plan to own a home. By the time we bought this house, our four kids moved out of the house. It was nice to have the rooms ready for when they come home, but in the mean time we had these rooms open for months at a time in this huge house. Trying to come up with ideas, a B & B came into our mind. After many hours of research we opened up Brauer’s Bed and Breakfast in December of 2010. We love to cook, love to entertain, and love to learn about peoples lives. 

Why Choose A B & B

 We think a B & B is special for close relationships with our clients. The are free to do as they like here: Walk, watch the sunrise or sunset, read, watch the game on TV, play cards or just visit. You can stay for a night, a week, a month, or even years with us, all you have to do is give us a call to see what we can do for you and your accommodation plans! 



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  • Thank you so very much! We truly enjoyed staying in your home and visiting with you both. The stay was very relaxing, and the food was delicious. Thank you for your excellent hospitality!

    by Brian & Breonna Carroll
  • Sorry, I didn’t believe there could be a B & B down that road! you have a lovely home thank you for welcoming me in! Very comforting to hear the dogs “protecting” us from the “wild” life! Yum, breakfast was a treat!

    Thank you!

    by Bonnie Tarrance
  • We enjoyed our stay at your B & B.

    Your cooking is very good, I will have to get serious about my diet when I get back home. Everything was good. The bed was comfortable.

    Thanks a lot!

    by Randall
  • Thanx so much for all you did for me! Also for making me comfortable the night I didn’t feel well! I enjoyed helping feed the dogs, Lloyd!

    by Kayanne Smith
  • Thank you so much for all you did for us while we stayed in your home! The meals were delicious and the bed comfy!! Also enjoyed visiting with you!

    Thanks again!

    by Tyson & Becky Smith
  • Just Wonderful, Wonderful Wonderful!!!

    My belly is bigger and my heart is fuller. Your hospitality, your stories will make for lasting memories!!!

    You are now part of our lives, your stories will be told and retold! …and Thanks for letting us feed the dogs!

    by Chad Jackson
  • Our stay with you has been an enjoyable experience. We were strangers when we came but now we’re friends. We have really enjoyed your good cooking, the beds were wonderful, and thank you for making us feel at home-away from home. Back and I enjoyed working with you in the kitchen, Mary Jo! Just needed to find the comfort zone for all of us! God bless you for the way you touch many people’s lives. Best wishes.

    by Randall & Charlotte Smith
  • We had a lovely visit with you both and enjoyed our stay. The bed is comfortable and the room was warm. Breakfast was also very delicious and the conversation was good and stimulating. Best of luck with the B & B.

    by Chirsty and Aodhog


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Call us and see what we have available today! Mary Jo 308-530-1753 or Lloyd 308-530-1752.